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Salmon Flies

While on the subject of baitfish flies and expert tying techniques I couldn’t resist posting this spectacular collection of salmon flies for Atlantic salmon. Salmon flies are purely attractant streamer patterns that really don’t resemble anything except maybe a baitfish. They were originally tied to catch Atlantic salmon on their migratory spawn up the rivers and creeks of the Europe and North America. Atlantic salmon stop feeding once they enter the freshwater of a river to spawn but out of instinct they will still snap at a properly presented fly that happens to swim past its nose. Colorful flies like the ones above have the best chance of being seen and hence the reason they are tied so colorfully. Check out this link on salmon fly selection if you ever plan to flyfish for Atlantic salmon. It’s on my bucket list of things to do.

Flies tied by Mike Boyer 

Elie Monatlik et Yoann Houssais pêcheurs de l’equipe de France feeder

Championnat du monde de pêche au feeder 2014 - Equipe de France


#flyFishingIreland series on starts Tuesday   #loughCurrane #watervilleIreland


#flyFishingIreland series on starts Tuesday #loughCurrane #watervilleIreland

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